SLB (September 6th / Calgary, Canada.)

*** There Are No Words.

My Love for you has no boundaries,
no stop signs and no yield.Just green lights,
that pass from here to the planets,
into a great abyss beyond the heavens.
It is a Love that nourishes me and
one that you say fills up any void within you.
Although, I Always claim there are no words
or actions that could express this feeling...
I am attempting to write of my admiration for you,
in cards, poems and by my gestures I try to show you.
I try to faithfully and lovingly enhance our relationship
further and further until it seems that we will
be bound with an invisable rope made of concrete.
You make the grey days shiny like a brand new dime...
Your Smile lights up my world when times are tough.
Thank you my Love...but once again, I feel there are no words
to explain how much I truly Love and Respect You.

Written February 2008

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a very humble and modest expression of Love....really it can never be expressed in words...time proves it eternal.
How difficult it is to put the incredible depth of true love feelings into words. In this poem you do a wonderful job of expressing how much you wish to convey such a consumate love. How much of poetry arises from this very struggle to put into words the feelings which words cannot express.