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There Are Only Two Forms Of Terrorism

Those who brand others as terrorists are only playing games with our mind
Since there are only two forms of terrorism the so called legal and the outlawed kind
Those who declare war on others are not terrorists or so they lead us to believe
But try telling that to the next of kin of the victims of their so called collateral damage who for their dead family members grieve.

The words collateral damage when used in such context is an insult to humanity
Far worse than adding insult to injury or so it would appear to me
By belittling the loss of good people perhaps from themselves they are deflecting blame
How can we have empathy for others if for crimes committed against them we do not feel shame.

Those who warn us of terrorists and terrorism are creating their own reality
For talking of terrorists leads to war on terror we create our own enemy
We convince ourselves we are the good guys and our own flaws we never do see
We blame the other side for trying to incite warfare and blame leads to disharmony.

There are only two forms of terrorism and both of them instil widespread fear
And only one side of the story is all that we ever do hear
As a payback for acts of terrorism our so called goods guys bomb foreign Cities under cover of night
One wrong only leads to another and two wrongs never do make a right.

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