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There Are Others To Care About Too

I know where my life's journey began but i don't know where it will take me to
And i do not crave recognition for anything i do
We came into this life poor and helpless and cannot take anything with us when we leave
And we leave all behind us what in life we do achieve

Though the praises of life and some people and nature i does sing
Life it does not owe me any recognition or anything
And this is not any sense of false humility
How i look at life is my reality

When compared to nature the greatest achievements of humans seem small
And as for me i have nothing to boast of at all
I just wish to live out my time as a far better man
And help anyone in need of helping if i possibly can

My journey in life began in view of hills far away
And who knows where i will live my last night and day
In life it is not all about the good for yourself that you do
Just remember there are others to care about too.

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