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There Are So Many Arrogant People

There are so many arrogant people who feel superior in their own arrogant way
And to the opinions of others respect they never seem to pay
You will find it in some ambitious females but mostly it is a male thing
Those who only sing their own praises the praise of others never do sing,
There are so many arrogant people in the bigger World out there
Who only believe in their own selves and for their own selves only care
They feel a need for power over others they take self importance too far
They like to impress upon others how wonderful they really are,
We have arrogant presidents and monarchs and arrogant leaders of State
Self conceited people who look down on others and we have them believe they are great
We keep building up these tall poppies the snobs of the World we create
And sad to think the self conceited are those we choose to celebrate,
There are so many arrogant people their so called success it has gone to their head
We pay them far too much of attention and about them enough i have said.

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