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There Are So Many Poets
SF Shalom Freedman (June 17 1942 / Troy New York)

There Are So Many Poets


There are so many poets
Many have won prizes
I never have won a prize
Some are published in important poetry magazines
I have never been published in important poetry magazines
Many have little circles of friends
Who critique each others poetry
And supply praise and sometimes a push forward
I am not Mister Network
Many are no doubt more skilled
Many know traditional forms and can write in them
Many have rich and complex metaphors
That I do not
Many write of all kinds of experiences and worlds
I know nothing about -

Near the end of my own small life
I write my small poems
And am happy

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Not craven validation for the work you master is a wonderful thing, it shows a true mastery of selflessness and inner enlightenment, who needs awards or fame, when you have peace to know what you have done is enough. This truly is a special work, it makes me feel warm. Awesome.
You've said it in a nutshell. Great writing. Thanks.
getting published, winning prizes, having network bother none. what we convey give us content. Nice write.
'Near the end of my own small life I write my small poems And am happy' - Me too! A beautiful poem, simple thoughts so well expressed! 10/1o.
I've never won a prize for poetry but because I love the art form i keep writing.Some of my poems have been published in anthologies which I guess is my greatest achievement.I'm very happy and finding happiness isn't easy but once that joy fills you with something it makes for a very contented person..nice poem a ten..
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