There Are So Many Poets


There are so many poets
Many have won prizes

by Shalom Freedman Click to read full poem

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Not craven validation for the work you master is a wonderful thing, it shows a true mastery of selflessness and inner enlightenment, who needs awards or fame, when you have peace to know what you have done is enough. This truly is a special work, it makes me feel warm. Awesome.
You've said it in a nutshell. Great writing. Thanks.
getting published, winning prizes, having network bother none. what we convey give us content. Nice write.
'Near the end of my own small life I write my small poems And am happy' - Me too! A beautiful poem, simple thoughts so well expressed! 10/1o.
I've never won a prize for poetry but because I love the art form i keep writing.Some of my poems have been published in anthologies which I guess is my greatest achievement.I'm very happy and finding happiness isn't easy but once that joy fills you with something it makes for a very contented person..nice poem a ten..
I loved this poem, or shall I call it, this declaration. I t is so easy for one to feel like another face in the crowd when others achieve greater things than you do. This poem especially spoke to my inner most desire to be seated in the ranks of the great poets whilst knowing that others have so much more to offer than what you have, but happiness is not in the magnitude of your craft but rather it (happiness) stems from the place from whence you write. My little irrelevant poems make me happy too, though I might never win a prize etc :)