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There Are Some Good Traits

There are some good traits in many people considered to be bad
An excuse for their behaviour due to some of the bad life's experiences they have had
They are not beyond redemption despite what many may think or say
Not everyone is all bad though some in life lose their way
Most people go wrong in life mostly due to circumstance
And the most with court convictions are worthy of a second chance
That the best of people are not perfect seems only true to say
For unlawful behaviour there is always some price to pay
As long as your crimes are not too serious never too late for you to make amends
Even some very bad people they are not without friends
By most students of human behaviour it is understood
That not all lawbreakers are bad people and not all law abidingpeople are good
There are some good traits in many who in life have lost their way
And that there is room for self improvement in most people seems only true to say.

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