(6th September,1987. / West Bengal, India)

***there Are Times***

There are times when I don’t know why
With the advent of dark
In the impending dusk,
When the distant horizon gets smothered in the blushing sky,
Jaded with fatigue
My vision goes adrift,
The love in my mortal heart begins to cry.

There are times when I don’t know why
I go past your stay
On a sweltering mid-day
Knowing you won’t be there to watch me pass by,
But your one stealthy stare
From the balcony upstairs
Would’ve given me enough air, to breathe till I die.

There are times when I don’t know why
When my memory unwinds
With the thoughts crossing mind
How I loved to watch you smile at sweet nothings;
You know, I haven’t smiled for long
And stopped crying alone
But only could not cease the dream we strode in.

Those are the times when I come to know why
Walking in the rain
To hide the tears of my pain
Drenched insane, I strive for a shelter;
Be it your faith
Or be it my death
I need a salvage, how I don’t care.

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