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I Want To Let You Know

There are many things on my mind but one
All of them I can say but how
Too loaded with thoughts racing
Thinking of so many things but nothing has surfaced
I don’t know how to put this out for you all to understand
So simple I have arranged this but complex to comprehend
Me myself and I in a ring fighting of just this one thought
Me wants to have it, myself wants it more but I ultimately can’t let myself have it
Because I want it to be imprisoned deep down within me and never let it out
But how can I keep such thing away from you
In me its like a treasure but the cliché of people calling this a treasure
Makes me not call it just a treasure but you
Too heavy on me, my blood pressure I can’t measure
There is only one you and it is because you are you and you are her

See I don’t care if you don’t
I don’t care if you won’t
I don’t even know if you are for true
I don’t care if it’s me you have in mind or who
It’s simple that I don’t care and I want to let you know
That I will still love you

You may see me to be falling
You may feel I am hiding secrets and it’s a true thinking
But you forget that my biggest secret is what I want to let you know
That no matter how wrong and imperfect I am
I don’t care because you are me cure
So I want to let you that aside all that
I still love you

Think yourself as far away from me
Distance has taken physically afar from me
But I have proved that it is not in my case
Because I have run the chase
Gone against the odds all the way keep you close
To always see you in my heart since I don’t care
I still want to let you know I love you even if love is rare

I may seem childish but I am not
Even if Shrek is better looking than I
Even if I do not meet the requirements of your dream man
Even if I haven’t what you want
There is only one thought
That thought I have and from me you can’t deprive
The fact that I love you even if I have to go for the deadly drive

You may feel you are not worth or not ready for this
You may look down upon or up upon yourself in this
You are beautiful because love made you so
Rip your face apart, cut yourself and look irregular or unattractive to me or so
I don’t care and you have to know that I love you more

Seeing you was like a dream come true not that you are a celebrity
But you are a love reality
I want to let you know that I don’t care what they say
My approaches may not be your style
Let’s work together and correct it in grand style
I promise to keep up with our fashion but
If I have wronged you forgive me
If I don’t fit, reconsider and go see a tailor
Stitch me into your heart, never let us depart because I can’t deny no more
How much I want to let you know
How much I love you.

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Beautiful words mami.............................Take care..............Luis