...There Are Times...

There are many times I feel fully confused
And there are other times I feel completely amused
There are days I feel entirely alone
And there are feelings hidden that just can’t be shown
There is a moment that just feels like the end
By which not your mother can help neither can a friend
There are days that are just impossible to let go
Days that can disappear by just one blow
There are years that pass by so fast
Not attentive on how long you’ll truly last
There are seconds by which a person can attain
Not knowing if his actions will mislay or justly gain
There is always a time to try to forget all the bad
And start to remember all the great and exhilarating times you had.

by Marria Attar

Comments (2)

a wise poem; a nice poem. the flow is sweet. please read mine: You are inescapable, though imaginary, in man's eyes, let the death be penalty, so that you can know me
This one is really cool. Loved it.