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There Are Times I Lose My Hope
RM (05-04-82 / Wichita, Kansas)

There Are Times I Lose My Hope

Daddy, there are times I lose my hope.
For the pain inside is far more than I can cope.
I wish I could go back and be your little girl again.
Instead of being in the dark hole I am in.
I wish you could protect me from the pain that's eating me up,
tearing me apart.
But, you're the one that put the pain in my heart.
I don't know why you don't love me anymore.
I don't know why it can't be like it was before.
We had our problems then but it was better than it is now.
At least you noticed me then but, you don't care now.
I don't want to go on without you by my side.
But, I guess us has already died.
Daddy, I miss you so.
I wish I could be happy with you, instead of being so low.
If only you know how much you hurt me.
But you're blind refusing to see.
Daddy, this is why I sometimes lose my hope.

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