There Are Times

There are times when all I do is think of you.
I hate it.
There are times I want to forget you.
I hate that too.
There are times when I want to call and say I miss you.
But I never do.
There are times I want to kiss you, to have you hold me like you used to.
But that will never happen.
There are times I wish that wasn’t true.
But it is.
There are times when I want you to go away.
But even if you did, I’d just call you back.
There are times I want to ask you, why her? Why not me?
But I’m so scared to hear the answer.
There are so many things I wish I could ask you,
So many things I wish could happen,
But at the end of the day,
I’ll come back home,
Think of you,
And pray I’ll get the courage tomorrow.
But until then,
I’ll smile and act like everything is fine,
But just so you know, I’m crying inside.

by Gabriell Davis

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Pretty damn good Baby Sis! you got good ideas and a good direction, keep working at it. O and you should totally post the one you wrote about 9/11!