There As Protection

What do you know about liars?

'It seems they are inconvenienced,
By the truth! '

How about those who are honest and truthful?

It appears not many are defended or befriended.
And popular they are not.'

Don't you think you are being a bit cynical?

'You get to be my age...
You call it as you see.
And can afford to leave these things,
To manifest on its own.'

Whose side are you on?
Where do you stand?

'You see the Sun?
That's the side I am on.

And in a few moments,
You are going to witness...
Me getting to my feet from a sitting position.
And moving as far away from you as possible.

Even with peace of mind,
You have proven...
Nothing one has is kept and guaranteed,
To be there as protection 'all' the time! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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