LM (02/09/81 / Australia)

*there Can Be No Good Answer To The Question 'Why? '

There can be no good answer to the question 'Why? ',
because sometimes THAT answer,
is not the answer that WE want to hear.

We can not know the answer to the 'Why? ,
of a loved one not reaching out for help,
as sometimes, in our hearts, we know,
that the answer is not the one we want.

At times, in life, we can not fathom,
the 'Why? ' of things that people do,
that are incomprehesible to me and you.

But sometimes knowing the answer to 'Why? ,
is the worst answer we can get,
as it can, at times, do more damage to our head
then NOT knowing the answer ever could,
for it can leave us still wondering.....
'Why' wasn't there SOMETHING we could have done?


*Inspired by poetbay.com members poems, Celtic Boy's Why? and Marie's How! ! [ great poems.]

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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2nd stanza...last line, 'that the answer is not the (one) we want. So True these lines. And we still are at a lost... Nice, Liz Lawrence