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There Is A Demon
RD (07311956 / North Carolina)

There Is A Demon

Poem By Rhonda Davis

You don't know me.
You think you do, but you have never seen the real me.
I am not a person you would want to take home.
If you knew what was really in my heart you would run and never look back.
There is a demon lurking behind these eyes.
A heart of stone lives within.
I can walk away and never look back.
I can leave everything here and start a new life that you would not recognize.
Remorse is not a part of my make up.
Lethal I could be.
I watch you move like a lamb in the meadow waiting to be attacked.
It makes me drool with lust.
Cross me and I can rip out your soul with one look.
So you think you know.
Think again!


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