The Mountain Top

The mountain is mighty, great and tall
Offers shelter to all creatures large and small
The clouds dance on the great mountains top
Whispering to the mountain to never stop
Never stop reaching towards the endless sky
Always making a home where the majestic eagle fly’s
The mountain was forged with one direction in mind
It always looked upward and never behind
We can learn from the mountain, a great lesson it has taught
We tend to look in every direction, when we become distraught
Looking in all directions we cease to grow
Forgetting the mountains lesson on which way to go
Just follow the mountain, allow yourself to be led
At some point the lofty clouds will dance around your head
Blinding you from the problems that caused so much sorrow
The mountain top offers a better tomorrow
Whenever you look downward, all you will see is the pain
So look upward like the mountain, you have everything to gain

by L. T. Padgett

Comments (4)

The more I read this woman, the more I understand my nature. She was a blessing to women and men too if they would listen and ponder the wisdom of her life experiences
A beautifully descriptive write by the poet. She is fast becoming one of my favorites!
I know other poems of Lucille Clifton - some of them are my all time favorites. This poem is a new one for me. I am bouyed by it. This - This is how I feel! I will love this poem forever!
Wow! I love this poem. Always have, always will. Each time I read it I am blown away by the power and the passion that Clifton speaks with. She is an amazing poet. I think a life lived by her poetry, would be a life well lived.