! ~ ! ~ Warrior Woman ! ~ ! ~

There she stands
In a midnight light
On a corner of a street
Where every passing car can see.

A screeching sound ! Halt !
No sooner it vanished
Not a single man to see.

A faint cry, she weeps.
Within her heart, within her soul,
She dies every moment for no one to see
She dares to bare her body so worn
For her children which God gave to care.
Oh! How beautiful is she.

For the people who can think
Hurt, pain, death that she fares
A respected soul will ever dare,
Yet within herself very much aware
For her conscience how pure it reigns
A lady so supreme in the eyes of God,
A war she fights with a mind so bold,
Just for her poor little souls,

Yes, she is the one who can be called
A warrior woman, fighting on her own,
A woman whom the world hates.

by Ria Rose

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Precious Blood! ! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
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A nice poem on Lord who was crucified to save the humanity. A beautiful poem indeed. Thanks for sharing.
Yes The Prince of the Stars will guide us with his light and love.
Powerful and true story in the poem. A wonderful poem.
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