There Is A Love So Tender

There is a love so tender
With the lips for wishing,
That any who surrender
Need none embellishing;
And all your love be true
For I'll give you my gold,
You don't need to renew
What never can grow old.

There is a love no dearer
Than what you have in this,
For what can be more clearer
Than give a love and a kiss;
You may not hold me close
For the feelings come and go,
But so is all true repose
There is none fully to know.

There is a love so perfect
With everything in between,
That there is no need to evict
What never in a heart is seen;
You can't grow to a distance
Or follow a hidden out path,
For if you get in acquittance
There only is love's aftermath.

by Peter S. Quinn

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