There Is A Sadness/ I Cannot Wish Away


There is a sadness
I cannot wish away
It is the sadness of my soul.

It is the grief
At those loved lost
It is the sadness for all those no longer here
Who have meant so much to me.

This sadness will go away
Only when I go away
I will take it with me
To the grave.

by Shalom Freedman

Comments (1)

Oh, how true. Never a days goes by that I do not remember (and want to talk with) so many that I have lost: family, dear friends, mentors, heroes. Perhaps the mos unassailable grief (for me, at least) is for those friends my own age whom I've known and cared for since my youth. I always expected that we would have another conversation somewhere, somehow. If there be a heaven, I hope it allows such an occasion. That would be God's grace.