SJ (1991 / arizona)

There Is A Secret I Hold.

There is a secret,
within my hand,
a secret of my God,
something more then a man,
i hope not to keep it a secret,
like i always do,
i hope to tell the world,
i wish they already knew,
How he's amazing,
how he's the best,
how he reached into my heart,
and tore the pain from my chest,
how he made me better,
how with just one prayer,
he saved me from suicide,
he rescued my mortal life.
So i hope i can tell the world,
that they just ask jesus into thier hearts,
how they can say 'dear God,
i need you so much,
please take away my pain,
please give me a new life,
i accept you as my savior,
i accept you as my God'
I wish i could express to everyone,
to you in particular,
how important god is,
how i wish he could save you,
from the painful life you have to live,
how you don't have to be in controll,
he'll take you to higher places,
then you could imagine,
then you could know.

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