You are happy, I’m happy,
As life happily follows its course,
And glad and happy, we follow,
We don’t worry about the source,

As long as happiness comes,
As long as things are good,
As long as things go our way,
All we have to say is ‘touch wood’.

Life, of course, goes along,
Moves ahead with a pleasant air,
And as it favours us, we very well say,
That all that happens is FAIR.

It’s profit all the way,
Never loss, only gain,
As we smell the wonderful rose,
Without having to go thru pain.

Then suddenly as a day comes along,
A very certain fine day,
Life flows to a turn, and
Hard ‘tis, the price we pay.

‘tis an unexpected turn,
A river bend, that enters shallow waters,
So as the ship stutters to go ahead,
The mind, and the ‘fairness’ falters.

The going gets tough, without notice,
There creeps a storm, without you knowing,
And suddenly it seems, proverb’s wrong,
The tough doesn’t think about going.

There’s a problem, and no way to fix it,
You ought to move ahead, see what’s in store.
You’re caught in the current, can’t get out,
Cannot think, go on, see what’s more.

It’s irresistible, can’t avoid,
Can’t surpass, can’t duck,
‘tis too strong to stop at your will,
It carries you ahead, ‘tdoes, your luck,

No matter if you’re hurt,
No matter if you‘re smarting,
No matter what you think of it,
It has no intention of parting,

So again, you flow, or have to,
And stir many a relation,
Prick many a finger, many a heart,
The train moves fast outta the station.

It thinks not, of where you’re bound,
It cares not where you wanna go,
‘cause ‘tself is bound somewhere,
Where, you don’t have to know.

Like this, destiny has been for ages,
And shall be, for ages and ages hence,
That man says, here I wanna go,
And it, deceives with pretence,

That yes, you’re going here,
It goes and goes on pretending,
And then suddenly, after many a time,
It smartly says, sir, THIS is where we’re heading-

It’s pretty out of plan, out of way,
But the fact is you’re out of luck,
So you can’t reach, and you haven’t fuel,
You must follow, you can’t duck,

What do you get when you open eyes?
Like “where’m I? What’m I doing? ”
The dope of time is so effective,
You slept while you were going.

This is out of control, out of the box,
You can’t control where you go to,
Maybe, open an eye or two,
But much good that’s gonna do! !

Fuh-get it, you do nothing,
So that the devil doesn’t get to you,
Just be enough lucky,
And hope you remain on feet all through.

by Apoorv Bhide

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True love brings sunshine to your heart! ! Thanks for your comment on my poem. Stay blessed always.
A wonderful poem. It took some time for me to understand the last line, but it's truly wonderful.