Break Away Slowly.

It could be,
If I left entirely.
The absence of me.
Would fade every memory.

I'd be here,
And you'd be there
with her knowingly.
But that's alright you see.

Because I'm just silly little me.
She'd be everything you needed.
You'd smile back at her
That smile you once gave me.

She'd fold into your arms,
Like I always wished to be.
But it'd be a terrible crime,
If I didn't leave you alone you see.

For she is in your heart,
Like I once was from the start.
But knowing my place,
No longer has any space.

I'll slowly back away.
Just a little bit each day.
So when I leave,
You won't notice a single thing.

Who would notice,
If silly little me,
Just got up,
And didn't return.

Of corse not you,
And surely not her,
For after all,
All I am, is some silly little girl.

by Lauren Harper

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