VN (1992 - 06 - 09 / Lithuania - Kaunas)

(there Is No Name)

I feal wind
I feal summer coming soon
I feal like I`m dieng from happyness witch I haven felt for Years

I feal how sun light makes me burn
I feal how my heart starts beating faster

I hear your voice
Many miles away

I come to you
And give
First flower of summer
Hope of the world

I hug you
And I`m not going to let you go away again
I`m not thinkg to lose you
I hate this fealing then you leave me over and over again

I want to see you near me
I want to see you smile onece again

Tears fall from my eyes
I want to bee with you
I want to die from lonelyness witch you
Inflict to me

It makes that day worst day in my life
But I believe that we will meet again

And this time you wount leave
And we will bee togeather

Forever untill death will come
That our love would never end

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