There Is Nothing More Gratifying

For those who have thought of themselves,
As being betrayed, deceived and used...
At the expense of being mentally abused,
Just for the amusement of it...
There is nothing more gratifying,
Than to witness the dawning of one's discovery.
Especially when enlightenment comes to shine,
Upon those with minds confined to limitation.

Taking a perception and accepting it as reality,
Has nothing to do with the existence of facts.
And facts in existence that have not been hidden,
Can stop those who laugh with a closing of their traps.
Stunned are the eyes to open wide when that happens.
To leave those who threw their dirt found deep in mud,
When they and others look back at their left tracks.
With a doing to face truth they believe could be kept deluded.

There is nothing more gratifying,
Than to be a witness to that.
And to hear those arguing amongst themselves,
As to who said what to get them muddied up and stuck!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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being betrayed, deceived.. good one, ,