There Is One Catch

To vent obscenities,
Seems today to be in vogue.
And just yesterday,
My expressed embitteredness...
Was misinterpreted as racist,
By those now venting...
With the same embitteredness!

But there is one catch.
They have authorized with validation,
Their reasons to be upset.
Because their lives have become affected.
Making what they do appear more inclusive.
And I somehow made my 'vocals' an ethnic 'thing'.

And please,
Keep your liberal stances to yourself.
Few of you are standing on inner city corners,
Being policed or fleeced to fill a quota.
There is nothing like the visions of honesty...
As seen and lived.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

It was marvellous. Great sentiments are running across the poem. The poem has plenty of depth and wisdom. Great stuff indeed.10/10. Kindly read and rate my poem 'A busy street' on page 1.
Hmm, Are your describing something you wrote that wasn't seen as valid before, but now is okay because they are upset? A hypocrite indeed is one that use reasoning To break the rules they put in place. A change of season ones starts preaching With what distaste do we erase? That's a question indeed. Thanks for the poem, as always you get the wheel spinning..