There Is One Thing Missing

WHY does it seem,
There are so many people...
Increasing to express violence,
Towards one another?

'That's what happens when people discover,
Who their true enemies are and have been.'

But the expense and waste of it,
Has escalated and does not diminish.
It would be common sense if used...
To have it understood and comprehended,
That accepting to respect each other...
Would quickly eliminate the chaos and havoc.

'I hear you.
But you know what? '

I don't know what.

'There is one thing missing.
And what you recommend to suggest,
Would never happen.'

Why are you so negative?

'Call if whatever you choose to do and wish.
But negative I am not.
These people are seeking to defeat anyone these days.
With a doing to declare 'victory'.
All that 'respecting' to express respect for each other,
Could easily be done.
A doing to defeat someone to declare a victory,
Would be missed.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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