There Is Pain

There is pain
But no love
There is pain but no fix
I am just stuck in one spot
So i am hopeless
But saddly but yes 'Hopeless'
So i am lone in the world
Life is hard
There is pain
But no help
If no help
No fix
If no fix
No love
If no love
No respect for no one
There is pain
There is full of wonders
Just stuck
Just there
No where to go
But no trust in no one
Feel that i am going to HELL
There is wonders
There is pain
What can i do
Just there
With no fix
Oh well
People has no more feelings
Like lost souls
I need help
Do not why
I have pain
Pain Pain Pain
Cry Cry Cry
No stop
But there is pain

by wowbabii oh nine baby

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