There Is Something About Having Peace

Everywhere I have been,
To travel and/or live.
I made it my choice,
To meet and share with different people.

I've been creative all my life.
And nothing about it is a mystery.
With an experiencing of it done,
On various stages.
Under spotlight.
And alone emotionally.

And today I can say,
I would have to think hard...
To express regret.
Every breath of life I have been given,
I am thankful to feel so blessed.

For anyone to recommend,
Or to me suggest...
What it is I should do with my time,
Have no idea...
The joy I have with peace of mind.

And that peace of mind is mine to define.
With a seeking I do not do,
To anyone to explain what I have gone through...
With a welcoming of it to keep.
And prepared to defend it,
From nosey busy bodies if I have to!

I wasn't born yesterday,
With a searching for compatible companionship.
Or sharing my life in an argumentative relationship.
Trust me...
I have donated.
And my charity work has been done.
There is something about having peace...
With a quietness on a daily basis released,
That I have learned to love and appreciate.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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