There Is Something About 'Him'

We are at a loss to explain how this could happen.
He had been an average child.
Who hasn't skipped school.
Maybe just every once in a while?
I didn't like school at all.

Only once did he burn down the house.
And like other boys,
He microwaved a few cats.

He only commited armed robbery twice.
And he did beat the minister,
For giving him poor advice.
The minister should have known that.
Needless to say,
We haven't advised him to go back.

So he pushed his teacher down the steps.
That teacher only broke two legs,
An arm...
But not her neck.
I didn't like that teacher myself.
She spoke to me with much disrespect.

And the neighbors next door,
Claimed he pistol whipped them.
Have you seen inside their house?
They are lucky that's all he did.

He is really a good kid.
He never meant to threaten us.
What will the sending him away eventually prove?
He is only going to learn what the other prisoners do.

We are good parents.
We'll make sure he improves!

'What are you going to do this time?
That the last twenty years didn't do.'

We all have sought counseling.
And so excited we are.
The counselor and our son...
Are now in a relationship too.

There is something about 'him',
That seems to connect with our son!
So far...
We approve.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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