Lahore Easter Bomb Blast - Uncrushable Christian Faith

They have lived together united by faith
though they were dis-integrated by sudden hate
when unexpected terror came too close
and burnt their feet, their bodies and faces;
they never imagined terror could lift them up
and toss them in the air of flames
they were not soldiers on a battleground
or firefighters atop a burning building
yet they perished like firewood though human;
how much those mothers must have cried
to see their children die in front of their eyes;
how much those eyes of love in disbelief died
as one after another breathed their last with cries;
men might have not forgotten their faith
neither could God arrest their affliction and pain
for, when havoc rushes its invisible wings of wrath
neither can the helpless nor the strong foresee
the wicked plans that destroy peace, love, trust
and dreams of unity so spontaneously.
And as the sun will shine again at dawn
those that pray as Christians will fear
the consequences of their belief and existence;
their children will live by days and hours in fright
nightfall will bring in ghastly nightmares alight;
parents and children will console each other
yet in their God they will seek shelter
for they have lived by that God
they will die by their devotion to that same God
as at dusk when it is time for family prayers
every christian recites aloud -
'Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven....
deliver us from evil for Thine is the Kingdom
and the peace and the glory forever..'

by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto

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Very thought provoking.