There Isn'T A Chance

Poem By Katherine Bryce

I know what they say,
about how I'm young,
and don't know what love,
feels like.

But no one knows me,
well enough to realize,
that I have this love,
burning inside of me.

I smile at a text,
and every time someone says your name,
I blush because,
it's the guy I love.

I've tried to hide it,
from those close to me,
however some have realized,
I'm hiding the truth.

I really need to open my eyes,
and smell the roses,
because I know,
we'll never be.

As much as I want,
you and me,
there isn't a chance,
for a we.

In a few years,
we will part,
and I know that day,
will break my heart.

But it has to happen,
so I can learn,
there's more to life,
even if you're not there.

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