Life Is A River

Life is a river
It is never the same
What we do know could never be changed
For what we do, we do blind
Not knowing if it would put us in a bind
Learning from our mistakes
Knowing regret
All will come
When we least expect
For a river flows
With such passion and force
We cannot change with our remorse
We will soon see our future unfold
For the good things we did
And the bad will unfold
For life is a river
We cannot change
Only do what we do
And wait for the pain
For soon the river will dry to an end
Unable to fix
Unable to mend
For life is a river
With a passion and force
But soon it will end
And end it course

by Peter Salgado

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Mitzi Estonko, how are you my name is Osceola Birdman Waters, i live in Darwin the Northern Territory of Australia i am American Indian Descent, i have read your work, and i enjoyed very much, get in touch please mvdo thank you Osceola.