There'Ll Never Be The Same Me

Poem By Misty Heart

You promised to be my friend;
forever may it be.
But where are you now?
in the end... you left me.

You said so many promises;
that i know you wouldnt do.
I wondered if the words...advices;
you said to me are true.

How i wish i didnt know you...
wished we havent been that close.
Wished i never cared for you too
since a strange feeling rose.

But there'll never be the same me
who'll love a friend like you.
Who'll give my trust that easy;
or the one who'll be there too.

There'll never be the same me
to care that same way.
to give my love completely...
or to swear i'd always stay.

I never want to say goodbye;
but even fools will understand...
that i'll never ever stay and cry;
for you cant hurt me till the end.

But if our roads will cross again;
the only thing im sure:
I'll never be taht same girl
the one you knew before.

For there'll never be that same me;
whose tears just fall and fall.
Who'll never see... can never see
the pain of it all.

Comments about There'Ll Never Be The Same Me

Where did you come from? I have only read three of your poems so far and every one I can relate to. I love this stuff. I look forward to reading more :) C.G.Turner

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