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There Must Be A God For Trees

It's been nice here in the mountains only 23 degrees
In the shade it's cool and pleasant and the gentlest cooling
In the shadows of the cypress I relax and feel at ease
If there is a god for mankind there must be a god for trees.

With the poet Joyce Kilmer few would choose to disagree
When he committed to paper only god can make a tree
For a tree a natural wonder something man could not create
Without a seed man could not grow a tree as man is not so great.

Trees stand as a natural windbreak on a cold and stormy day
And when weather hot and humid in their shadows we can lay
Without trees all life would suffer and the world would look a barren place.
Just a billion miles of deserts with an ugly sun scorched face.

Trees offer homes to many on their branches wild birds nest
And in cavities in their trunks in the day night creatures rest
And before sunset at evening on them birds rejoice and sing
Without trees all would look barren and there would never be a Spring.

In green parkland by the mountain on this nice Summer sunday
In the shadows of the cypress such a pleasant place to lay
Listening to a blackbird fluting in the gentle evening breeze
If there is a god for mankind there must be a god for trees.

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