DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

There Must Be Another Way

I hate the way life’s taken back all I made,
Are you like me, do you feel the same,
After questions asked with vacant replies
Politicians make sure we go their way

I hate the way they’ve taken back promise made
But it’s got nothing to do with you or me
We go to war taxes raised, children lost fathers,
So we can contain us falsely free

I’m not saying right is wrong or any other either way
It’s up to us to make this decision when things come our way
But, what we don’t notice is how it’s all gonna change,
When all theses nightmares end, settling dust reveals their plan

We are all part of bigger plan,
A plan a plot by the bigger power man
I’m not saying he’s wrong or I’m right
But things are not working today tonight

I’m not saying right or wrong
But just look at us all today
There must be, there has to be
There must be another way

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