There No Other Love For Me

I have never loved before..before you.
Now the mystery, no longer includes me.
The puzzle "seems so delightful", yet I'm blue.
Have the crowns of love, been bestow upon thee,
as the gentle rain drops, on the petals of roses?
Do I pretend "I have herald the glory of nature gifts".
Have my patience, my privilege," cause me to climb a tree"?
The imprisoned passion, yet to surface...that belongs me.
What servant I've become? "Enlighten, love is enjoyable",
like the happiness of the first kiss, my first affair.
The affairs has know bitterness, if be flexible, I'm told.
Yet! The storm hastily appears," when jealous minds climbs",
over mountains, as sharp as a glacier cutting the oceans surf.
You love, my most proudest moment, " I will treasure",
I will treasure, this will be...our treasure.

by Charles Copeland

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