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There Ought Not To Be A Place

The Human World is not or will never be in need
Of people who judge others by their race or their creed
Far too many of those in their thinking quite small
Whose idea of a fair go does not include a fair go for all

For racism and xenophobia there ought not to be a place
There are good and bad people of every color and race
Red is the blood we are born with and bleed
We all are mutations of the one seed

Those among people who choose for to differentiate
Mistrust and racism only create
Love of self and others they never of will know
Since their minds are lacking of the inner glow

Though many with such thinking may not agree
I can make the World a better World to live in by by becoming a better me
But it is quite a sad thing is how it seems to be
To think that the World of racists and racism may never be free.

by Francis Duggan

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