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There Ought To Be A Ban On Whale Hunting

There ought to be a Worldwide ban on whale hunting since all species of whales are becoming rare
And of the justification of killing them in the name of so called science the enlightened and aware
On the sensitive issue of whaling will tell you that this is all lies
That killing in the name of science of marine mammals has always only been a guise
For commercialism at the expense of endangered species the human record on conservation is bad
The number of creatures extinct and facing extinction for to contemplate even too sad
Habitat destruction and killing creatures for greed of money in the World has never been more rife
Yet we do not own the Planet we live on we too are part of it's Natural life,
'Tis true that extinction is forever as dead as the dodo they say
And more creatures becoming extinct or facing extinction each day
For centuries Humans have been trying to destroy Nature we pollute the rivers the Land, sea and sky
But Nature will live on forever 'tis only ourselves we'll destroy
So why not ban the needless slaughter forever of the last great mammals of the sea
We must pay more respect to Nature and protect her creatures the wildborn and the free.

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