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There's A Kind Of Hush All Over The World... Tonight...
SP (July 2,1986 - not yet / Bennington, VT)

There's A Kind Of Hush All Over The World... Tonight...

Change is on the wind my son,
Eyes are at your back,
Her mouth is smiling me undone,
I feel I'm losing track.

She beckons to me in a gesture,
Never ceasing constant whisper,
Is she some forbidden sister,
Of a world from long ago.

Lost among the shadows now,
Swirling in a sea of steam,
Billows golden on her brow,
Ghost-like, floating from a dream.

Eyes of jeweled serenity,
Pierce a hollowness in me,
Burning soul's epiphany,
Stirs desires from long ago.

Reaching hands that caress mine,
And ensnare so subtly,
Envelope my soul into thine,
Promising to set me free.

Radiant sleep your arms embrace me,
In mind and body you displace me,
Can your beauty satiate me,
Temptress from the world below.

Madness dwells behind my eyes,
Lurking silent, waiting still,
For want of you I sacrifice,
Grant me more than time to kill.

Goddess! Goddess! Why forsake me!
Satiate me! Satiate me!
Though I blaspheme, don't berate me,
Let me go! Please let me go!


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