There's A Party In The House Nearby

There's a party in the house across the street
And they've been playing Elvis Presley songs all night
And today is Elvis birthday I've been told
And to many he is still their god in white.

Some of his fans think Elvis is alive
That like Jesus he has risen from the dead
But to think this way they must be gullible
Or have a screw loose somewhere in the head.

During his lifetime he knew Worldwide fame
But Elvis Presley never was a god
And though his yet may be immortal name
Far greater men this Planet Earth have trod.

The strains of 'Love me tender' waft across the street
I first heard that song more than thirty years ago
The teenager then now way beyond his prime
Those years creep up on you before you know.

It's almost midnight I should be asleep
But Elvis voice is keeping me awake
I hope this party on his birthday end
As I have heard as much as I can take.

by Francis Duggan

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