A Sudden Thought

Under lazy swaying trees I sat one day,
I still remember that sunny day
At a camp in Northern New Hampshire.
Certain thoughts of a tinted past were in a
Nascent state. Then the sudden season
Of whistling winter was there,
I could hear and felt its deafening whistle around me.
The motionless pond cadenced, sending hellish
Waves to battle the clouds without nodding
To the sun a brief farewell.

Waves and the wind begin to roar, as though
Poseidon had sent all sunken ships back to earth
After they have satisfied his indulgence.
They roared and crashed into the
Heads of branches suspended over the
Water, yearning for splashes of exploding
Drops to quench their thirst.
The strident waves crescendo with abrupt
Diminutions in between.

Then I suddenly heard footsteps shuffling through
The woods behind me. Slowly, cautiously,
And with ample of warnings,
I maneuvered my frigid body which by
Now was covered with dripping artic sweats.
Then I felt the trunk of the tree on my back again.
The tree was still swaying lazily, the pond was not
Even noticeable anymore.

by Duy Bui

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