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There's A Reason
(1965 / Abor, Volta Region, Ghana)

There's A Reason

there's a reason the sun is in the sky
and there’s a reason the moon adorns the night
there’s a reason for every smoke to rise instead of falling
and there’s a reason for the rain to fall instead of rising

there’s a reason why seasons change
there’s a reason days come and go
and there’s a reason night is replaced by sunrise
so there’s a reason for everything under this earth

there’s a reason why love light shines at times
and we grab feelings of joy deep inside us
letting our love to flow like a mountain streams
and grow wild with the smallest of dreams

there’s also a reason why love can’t fly freely
like on a bird’s wing to let the love shine
there's a reason why the old warm sweet nights
are here, but our love rites are without candle lights

if there’s a reason for everything
then there’s a reason we take the wonder space again
and lay under its loving embrace
to feel the heartbeat we can't hold back

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Of course Padmore! All in the great plan, there is a reason for everything, it is just hard to see at the time, unless you know this truth and then you can appreciate the now, as your beautiful poems final stanza verifies in my eyes. Another 10 from Tai