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There's A Smell In The Air

By S. Michael Downs @2008

There’s a smell in the air and it’s not good.
Like fear and the certain knowledge of reaping our own reward.
There’s a look in everyone’s eyes and it’s not good.
Like a trapped animal ready to gnaw off its own paw.

There’s a feeling going around and it makes me nervous.
Like braking on ice and losing control.
Like seeing the ball head for your face but not being able to react.
Like regretting something you’ve done, irreversible by seconds.

There’s a moment in time heading our way.
Made of our own apathy and self indulgence.
Like the bill at the end of a bad meal.
Still gotta pay it…them’s the rules sucka!

The ordinary man reacts to the influence of the self important.
The self important react to the opportunity.
The opportunity presents itself because we have a choice.
The choice reveals the worst in us.

There’s a smell in the air and it’s coming from all of us.
There’s a smell and it’s wafting towards the heavens.
There’s a feeling its too late.
Is it?

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