There's A Wonder

There's a wonder that keeps the stars apart,
And the golden rays beaming down.
There's a wonder that creates a mirage of colours,
That shine from a crystalline rainbow.

There's a wonder in the deepest valley,
In the mist that kisses the dark.
There's a wonder in hte rolling hills;
In the nature that touches our hearts.

And it's this that makes us live to dream,
To hope, to love, feel unspeakable passion,
That beats in synchronism with the beat of our hearts,
And fuels our deepest desires.

The wonders of the world.

But to me, there is no mountain,
No river, no beauty of nature
That can destroy the biggest wonder of my heart;
You and I.

With you, I don't hope, I don't dream,
My hearts desire's don't scream out
Because my dreams are made real in you.

There's a wonder that fills my world;
A heavenly being that walks amongst us -
My protector, my Guardian, my home.
My words cannot speak, I can do nothing
But fall to my knees, and thank him with my heart's song
For blessing me;
With the greatest wonder of them all.

by Vanessa Brown

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Dear Vanessa, I'm not a religious person- but there is no denying the power and beauty of your writing! I hope that you continue writing and that your Guardian provides you with a long and happy life... Glenn B.