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There's Far More To Nature

If you lived to be one thousand years or so
Of Nature you would still have much to know
For Mother Nature guards her secrets with secrecy
And she is complex as that word can be.

My better days in life I now have seen
But to Nature's ways one might say I'm still green
And though the passing of the years have left me gray
I'm still learning about Nature every day.

The ways of Nature beyond me to explain
Why do the frogs sing out before the rain?
The day is sunny and the sky is clear
And yet the frogs tell us that rain is near.

Left to my own devices I would say
That tomorrow will be another sunny day
But the tiny amphibians hiding in the watery drain
Keep telling me of lots and lots of rain.

The migrant waders above the coast line fly
I hear them pipng in the evening sky
They journey south and then back north to breed
And stop off at beaches on their way to feed.

How can they find their way so far south and then back north
Is a mystery that forever will remain
On such renowned scientists have been known to disagree
There's far more to Nature than the eyes can see.

There's far more to Nature than we could wish to know
And one could live for a thousand years or so
And study life on ocean and on land
And Nature yet not fully understand.

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