There's Just Something About You

I know I'm not perfect
I know you're not asking me to be

I've got my faults
And some I've got to change
And that I know

I hope I can work past them
And I know you can help with that
If anyone can

I'm thankful you're here
Here for me
That's all that I need
To know that I can change

It's just hard to rely on someone
When I'm use to having no one there

So I'm thankful for you
Every time you try to help
Even if I try to resist it

I'm thankful for every time you didn't give up
And every time you didn't let go

I'm hardheaded
And that I know
But you're even more headstrong
And I never thought I would say it
But it's a good thing you are

You're the one person
That I can't walk away from
And that I can't say good bye to

Anyone else I would leave in the dust
And wouldn't look back

But there is just something
Something about you
That just stops me in my tracks

by Shannon Ann

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