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There's Karma

For each and everyone of us there's karma and on the laws of karma i believe
And the karma i deserve like everybody is the karma one day that i will receive
I cannot say whether i am a good or a bad person as karma will decide on that for me
To karmic laws we all are bound in some way though many with what i say would disagree
There's karma for the president and prime minister and there's karma for the queen and for the king
And there's karma for all celebrated people the people of whose praises we do sing
The law of karma is for everybody and your past deeds good or bad it can recall
For karma it is living in your conscience and it is the only fair law after all
Yes karma is for real despite what some say and like they say we reap the seeds we sow
But of how karma works you ask one far more knowledgeable for of it there's so little i do know
Perhaps it is a sort of self consciousness that for ourselves in the Universe we create
A consciousness that is just floating out there that attaches itself to destiny and fate
And like all others i will receive the karma the karma that is due to me one day
And of the sort of karma i will be receiving i am not in a position for to say.

by Francis Duggan

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