There's No Other Way (1)

We’re in the ark redeemed by grace
Upon the Rock we’ll hide
Yet sin can rob us of our place
Reserved for Jesus’ bride

Sheltered from life’s infernal blast
Encompassed by The Flame
We can’t remain as in the past
Resuming lives of shame

The word of God is deep and true
It speaks to us each day
But only when we seek anew
What Jesus has to say

Who eat of Christ in time will feel
God’s substance flow within
It’s then The Lord becomes so real
Convicting us of sin

God’s Flame burns deep within the heart
His Spirit lifts the veil
His judgement; in the church will start
That none in Christ should fail

God’s Holy Ghost will truth unfold
Reveal the sin inside
Upon the roof it may be told
If filth we try to hide

If from the past we seek to part
If life we’d start anew
We need God’s Spirit in the heart
His Flame upon us too

New birth is not an instant thing
Through grace we learn to see
Until all sin has taken wing
From hell we’re never free

by Michael P. Johnson

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