MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

There's No Other Way (2)

There’s secret depths within God’s word
The wisest man can’t find
Without the Christ it’s quite absurd
Without His Light we’re blind

Even when told man won’t believe
What God has written down
For Satan’s job is to deceive
And rob us of our crown

Did man believe the prophet’s pen
Did man believe he’d stray
So who’ll believe God’s servant when-
They speak of Him today

The word is truly God’s decree
His secrets in a book
Through Christ revealed that man may see
If only he would look

Through Jesus Christ we see the dawn
We see the truth first hand
Through God’s own blood is man reborn
Through grace we understand

Through water this cannot be done
Nor man with all his might
But through the Flame of Christ God’s Son
His Liquid Streams of Light

Did John baptise in Holy Flame
Was water not his mark
So man went in and out the same
Yet sinning in the dark

God’s Holy Ghost is who we need
His Flame inside to rage
Receive the “Truth” Salvation’s Seed
Before we turn life’s page...

by Michael P. Johnson

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