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There's No Telling
RKS (31 December 1950 / Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India)

There's No Telling

There's no telling what lies ahead but they tell:
reveal wondrous secrets of my life
opportunity of a lifetime to trigger a positive time
a crucial day to realize my lifelong dream
and money and happiness I deserve

later is often too late

hawks circle overhead looking for prey:
they prophesy with sum attached or interests at stake
capitalize on greed and dream
tempt carnal passion with divine desire
the chakra of allurement, loss and gain

a prophet tells me my mind devours the future
I believe the lies it tells me

the insanely powerful full 'wolf' moon of the numerologist
took over the sky last night
the 'stellium' of planets couldn't help me unlock my self-direction
or release of energy, freedom or discovery

and today, Friday, the 13th, the 'blessed day' for fortunate few
as a spirit-medium tells, but nothing happens

I'm yet to know who I am or what I'm destined to be

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